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Thrive Learning Center currently has five classrooms,  set up by age groups from infants to pre-kindergarten.  Each of our classroom lead teachers plan weekly curriculum using My Teaching Strategies.  My Teaching Strategies helps our early childhood educators build an environment that provides the foundation for success for every child by connecting teachers, children, and families to inspired teaching and learning experiences, informative data, and stronger partnerships through the leading early learning platform and solutions.  My Teaching Strategies supplies us with curriculum for our children that is developmentally appropriate and based on the children’s strengths, needs, and interests.  It allows our teachers to collect observation data that they can use to assess each child's individual development in conjunction with each child's checkpoint assessment.  Thrive teachers meet with families annually, and at other times as needed, to review family goals and share about the child’s progress in each area of their development. Thrive also works with our families using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire as an additional screening tool for a child's development, in conjunction with CDC's developmental milestones, all giving us check-point assessments for each child in our care.

Our teachers are qualified by education and/or experience to work with young children.  All staff are required to have background checks and child-abuse record clearances.  They are also certified in First Aid and CPR and are licensed Daycare Providers.  Each staff member is also required to complete training with Idaho Stars and are licensed as a childcare provider through the City of Moscow.
To comply with the City of Moscow's childcare regulations, each of our staff is allotted 12 points.  Infants are four points; 12 months through age two (walkers and toddlers) are two points; three and four-year-olds are one point; and five-year-olds are a 1/2 point.

Please take the time to read our Parent Handbook.  You can access it by clicking the link below.  You will also receive a hard copy upon the enrollment of your child/children.
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